The 7 Key Questions To Ask When Booking Your Videographer

The 7 Key Questions To Ask When Booking Your Videographer


A videographer may seem like a needless added extra when you are already paying so much for your wedding already. You are already paying for a florist, cake designer, make up artist, photos – can you really justify spending even more of your hard – earned cash on a videographer too?!?!


Well you may not realise it yet, but you can’t afford not to get a videographer for your wedding. It was reported that not booking a videographer was the biggest regret for brides that got married in 2017. A videographer will catch moments you may have missed on the day.


Hiring a videographer is the only way to capture one of the most important days of your life and relive your special day every time you watch it back so it is important you pick the right one for you. Here is a list of the key questions to ask when your booking your videographer.


We have listed all the question that are relevant. We suggest you try and ask as many of them as possible to cover all possibilities. Your circumstances may change and questions that seem not important now may prove to be extremely important once your big day comes around.


What time do you arrive on the morning of the wedding?


How discreet are you on the day?


How long is the wedding DVD?


Do we get the full video or is it edited highlights?


Do we get to choose the music?


When will we receive our Wedding film?


What format can I get the films in?


You will need to find a videographer that will capture all the moments you want, but be discreet enough to film in a relaxed natural style and not cramp your style as centre stage on your big day. Depending on the time of year, the turnaround time can vary wildly, but it is important to get a clear deadline so both parties have an expectation to uphold. But most importantly, you’ll need to find a videographer you like, you can trust and whose style you enjoy and of course, a videographer that is within your budget.


Be clear what you want, what you expect. The videographer may be the one holding the camera but it is you who calls the shots.


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