How To Achieve Your Wedding Smile

How To Achieve Your Wedding Smile?

Getting photos taken to remember your big day takes up a whole chunk of time where you have to break out your best smile and you must keep smiling until it hurts! And why go to all that expense of hiring a photographer, a make up artist, getting your hair and nails done and not work on that smile? Achieving that sparkling white smile does not come easy and you can buy as much Listerine or floss as you want, but it’s not going to give you that sparkling white smile you see on the OralB adverts. Here are a few ways you can achieve your best smile in time to get that perfect wedding smile.


Teeth whitening
This will be the most common treatment for brides. Pearly whites will look great in photos, especially any close-up ones. While a lot of people opt for the at-home whitening treatments, it’s always best to consult with your dentist. One method of whitening is to have your dentist take impressions to create a retainer. This retainer can be filled with your dentists recommended bleaching gel, the gel can be used for around two – four weeks for certain periods of time each day to whiten your teeth. You can also opt for laser whitening, bleach will be applied to the teeth and a light will be shone on them to activate the whitening. Laser whitening takes around an hour. Of course, teeth whitening, if you want it to work the way it should, can restrict you to what you can eat and drink but its all worth it for that wedding smile!


Along with implants, veneers have grown in popularity in recent years due to reality TV stars. Veneers are made to fit over the tooth, the way a false nail would fit over your natural nail, to improve the look of your teeth. They’re most commonly made with porcelain and used to improve the colour, shape or position of your teeth. A precise shade of porcelain can be chosen to give the right colour to improve a single discoloured tooth or to lighten your front teeth. They’re a great choice for a wedding smile because they make your teeth look natural and healthy and very little preparation is needed. They may be a little more on the pricey side, however, they last for a long time and can be easily repaired!


Implants are more common in older people. They’re a great way to support bridges and false teeth, as well as give totally natural looking teeth to someone who needs them. It’s more likely that you’ll go for one of the above options, however, if you have very damaged or neglected teeth, implants may be your best bet. Implants consist of a titanium root, that replaces the natural root of your tooth, that will be placed into the jawbone. A fake tooth will then be screwed into the root in order to form the full implant. Implants can be used exactly the same as natural teeth and need to be looked after very well for them to stay in good condition. You don’t have to get a full set, they can be used to replace damaged or missing teeth too! Implants will be guaranteed to a great wedding smile, however, they are costly and the procedure will take some time to be completed.


It’s now becoming increasingly common for dentists to also conduct facial treatments. So if you’re considering botox or lip fillers, you may also be able to chat about that as an option along with your dental treatment. If you’re looking for the perfect dentist to carry out your treatment, you can try! All you’ll have to do is type in your location and search. They’ll list all the dentists in your area and you can even narrow the search to suit your specific treatment. Read reviews, look at the practice and choose the ideal dentist for you!


Please only use fully qualified and fully insured dentists to work on your teeth (not beauty parlours)! Planning My Scottish Wedding does not hold responsibility and are not liable for any treatments undertaken from advice taken in this blog.

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