How To Take The Most Iconic Wedding Photos

How to Take the Most Iconic Wedding Photos


A photographer is one of the most important parts of your big day. After all, while the happy memories may continue to be fresh in your mind for many years to come, looking back through photographs from the big day is something that you will no doubt look forward to when you return from your honeymoon and on occasions in the future.


You’re likely to have in mind some of the photos that you want captured from the day, and it’s important that when the opportunity strikes, your photographer is ready with their camera to snap away.


Whether you want to ensure that you have photos of you as you get ready, a rather difficult to take group shot, one as you walk down the aisle or that confetti photo – we’ve rounded up the must-have iconic photos that you’ll want taken with help from USB 4 Photographers.


Taking photos from the whole day from dawn until dusk is a must when it comes to your wedding day, and getting ready for the last time an unmarried man or woman is certainly something you’ll want to capture.


You will want photos of the bridal party getting their hair and make-up done, the brides dress being fastened and fleeting moments between family and friends captured, with photos of the groom and his party as they too get ready for the day ahead.


These shots are designed to have a natural feel to them, but of course, as soon as you say to someone ‘act natural’ they go and do the exact opposite and it becomes too posed in an instant. Rather than set up these shots, just request that your photographer takes photos around you as you get ready.


Credit: EMT Photos


We particularly love photos of the bride’s dress hung on a bedroom door, a groomsman sorting the grooms tie, and the bridal party when they see the bride for the first time.



The little details
You’ve spent months and hours planning your wedding, with heaps of time and effort to create a magical day for not just yourselves, but your friends and family too. Yet, many often forget to take photos of the smaller details at the day, focussing on photographing guests instead.


Ensure that you take photos of the venue before guests enter, wedding favours and bridal and groom party gifts, pre-ceremony notes or ceremony readings, the rings, flowers, bride and groom accessories, guestbook, table plans, welcome drinks and canapes and any other details which you want to look back on.


Credit: EMT Photos



Walking down the aisle
This is the perfect opportunity for natural photographs to be taken of guests as they see the bride arm in arm with her father as she makes her way down the aisle. However, the most important photo that you’ll want to have is when the groom catches sight of his beloved as he waits at the altar.


No posing involved in these photos, as love and happiness will no doubt shine through with smiles and tears (happy ones of course!) throughout the room.



Confetti photo
One of the first shots of the newlyweds, the confetti photo is a tradition which previously saw grains and rice thrown over the happy couple. Thankfully, confetti has since evolved to be either dried flowers or paper-form in an array of colours – a far more photogenic offering.


Credit: Gracefully Taken Photography


This photo needs advance planning, as there’s only one opportunity to get it right. Make sure that your guests are organised and prepped with confetti – remember that the longer the line, the increased chance that the photographer has of getting a good photo. Also ensure that you have enough confetti – too little, and the end-image may look a half-hearted attempt. Lastly, remember not to close your eyes. When something is being thrown at us we naturally go to close our eyes, so try your hardest not to blink.



Group photo
Getting a photo of all of your guests is no easy feat, and even when you do get everyone together there will always be someone who is looking in the wrong direction or has their eyes closed. And someone who you realise is missing when you see the final photos.


One of the best ways to ensure that everyone is the same room is to get a photo of guests as they welcome the newly married couple in. While this will provide you with a more informal shot, it can save you the hassle of staging a photo.


Credit: EMT Photos



And the rest…


This list is by no means exhaustive, there are an infinite amount of opportunities for your photographer to capture memories throughout the day. So, as a parting note, here’s a list of photographs that you don’t want to miss having taken.


• Signing the register
• The first kiss
• Family photos
• Photos with the parties of the bride and groom
• Speeches
• Cake cutting
• First dance
• Throwing of the bouquet
• Sending off the bride and groom

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