Five Budget Ideas For Your Wedding

Five Budget Ideas for Your Wedding


Your wedding day – the happiest day of your life. Until you see your bank balance. Yes, it seems that even the most amazing memories can be tainted if the numbers in your account are more ‘argghhh!!!!’ than ‘awww’.


While many of us may try to keep our budget in check, it’s easy to get carried away – especially when you fall in love with an idea or one cost leads to another. However, with the average wedding costing couples an estimated £27,000, many couples are cutting costs and doing some of the work themselves to bring the cost closer to £17,000. Yet, with 4 in 10 couples saying they regret how much is spent on their wedding day, it’s perhaps time to make cutbacks in some areas to ensure that married life isn’t started with marital debt.


Here are five ways you can keep your costs low and your bank manager happy.


1. Implement a guest list policy
It’s easy to go from a ‘small and intimate wedding’ to ‘more the merrier’ in seconds, but it also means that the cost per head can increase rapidly. Plus, you simply won’t have time to spend with everyone, let alone your new Husband or wife!


If you want to keep the cost down, then you could allow one another to invite a pre-agreed number. For example, if you were to each have 50 guests that you could invite, you then cannot go over this number. Or why not say that only immediate family is invited and closest friends – that way you don’t have to invite your Great Aunty so-and-so who you haven’t seen in forever. When it comes to evening guests it’s much easier to have an anyone goes policy – within reason of course.


2. Avoid getting married on a Saturday
It’s an obvious one, but getting married on a Saturday can lead the cost to double in some cases as it’ll come as no surprise that it’s the most popular day of the week to get married on. Likewise, avoid getting married on a national holiday too, as venues and suppliers are likely to increase their prices too.


Why not switch your wedding to a Friday or Sunday – the money you save could be used to fund other parts of your wedding you may have had to forgo otherwise! However, if Saturday is the day for you, then be warned that you may have to cut back on other wedding elements. When it comes to deciding where you stand on this, it’s all about weighing up what’s more important for you as a couple. If the day you get married on is important, then make this a budget priority, but if not then look at which days could be cheaper.


3. Go DIY
With most elements of a wedding, you’re paying for a supplier’s time. So in order to cut costs get your DIY skills polished up and make some of the elements yourself. Table and venue decorations and favours can all be made relatively simply with a little practice – so get Pinterest-ing or scrolling through your favourite wedding Instagram account for inspiration.


Other money-saving hacks include mixing fresh and fake flowers on the tables to cut the cost of fresh flowers, and making invitations or sending e-invites for an even bigger saving.


4. Skip bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts
Or just scale them back. Instead of spending hundreds on a gift for those involved in your wedding party, just skip the gift altogether. While it’s often seen as a customary tradition, the cost of giving such gifts can soon become out of hand.


It’s the gesture that counts after all, so why not fill up a little wedding day survival pack for them instead. Set a budget of £20 per gift and fill it with a mini bottle of Prosecco, a hangover cure for the next day and any other mini essentials!


5. Don’t have a free bar
As nice, and generous, as a free bar is, it can lead guests to take advantage. So, keep your alcohol costs at a set price and forgo a free bar. Instead, limit the alcohol you purchase for your guests to welcome drinks and wine on the table to the reception meal.


If you do want to provide a little extra then you could give each guest a token each for one free drink later on, or have a free bar for an hour only.


Still struggling to keep costs down? The Wedding Cost Calculator is on hand to allow couples to detail the costs of each wedding element. Taking users through a set of questions such as how many bridesmaids and groomsmen there will be, what evening entertainment they will have and where the ceremony and reception will be held, couples can then add in how much they have budgeted or expect it to cost. Allowing all wedding finances to be kept in one place.

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