Six Off-Beat Wedding Entertainment Options

Six Off-Beat Wedding Entertainment Options


In contrast to the wedding ceremony itself, wedding receptions can be informal and unique. A bit of imagination can go along way when planning a wedding, and will ultimately leaving a lasting impression on guests.


So with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what alternative entertainment options you can provide guests to make your wedding as memorable as possible.


Turn the reception into a festival – literally


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If you and your spouse are a fun-loving couple, you can actually turn your wedding reception into an all-out festival. Ask Brit suggests adding carnival rides as part of the entertainment for a more memorable wedding reception. Alternatively, you can set up games that recall fairs. WedPics Blog even suggests a “Ring Toss” as a fun take on the exchange of rings during weddings.


You can either choose to rent a carnival for your wedding reception, or set up decors and booths that would make it resemble a fair or festival.


Have a unique photo booth


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Having a photo booth is practically a default option now for weddings. However, you can add a twist to this by getting a caricaturist to sketch your guests for a more memorable wedding souvenir.


You can also make a DIY photo booth. One option would be to set up a Polaroid Photo Booth for a fun, old-fashioned touch.


Bring on the paparazzi



If you are up to it, you can get photographers who can gamely play as paparazzi. Not only will you be able to get good photographs for your wedding album, you will also be able to make your guests feel like celebrities for a day.


Get an off-beat entertainer


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Instead of hiring a wedding singer, try a magician, a juggler, or someone who makes balloon animals to provide the entertainment during your wedding. This is a great option for fun-loving couples, as even the entertainment will stay true to their personalities. According to the revered UK gaming site Foxy Bingo and their famous endearing mascot Foxy, karaoke is a great option for those who want to have a good time. And according the mascot’s very own blog, including open mic slots for guests to flex their signing voices is a wonderful way to incorporate something a little different into your wedding day.


Set up a photo scavenger hunt


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You and Your Wedding recommend creating a photo scavenger hunt for your guests as entertainment for your wedding. The tasks you provide can be related to the event itself, such as the first kiss of the bride and groom, the first dance, a selfie with a bridesmaid, and such. You can give out prizes for those who were able to complete the tasks on the scavenger list. You can even get them to use a hashtag so you can collect the photos they collected for your wedding.


Play a game of bingo


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Contrary to popular belief, bingo is not just confined to being played in malls or senior homes. In fact, this remains a popular entertainment option, with the game being played both offline and online, as reference in the previous paragraph. You can choose to play the classic bingo game. However, if you want to add a twist to the classic game at your wedding, Bride and Breakfast advises making your own bingo games so you can replace the numbers with phrases related to the couple, such as “A high school classmate of the bride,” or “One of the groom’s best friends.” This game is a superb choice if you want your guests to interact with each other.


Certainly, going for off-beat entertainment for your wedding reception may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you want your special day to be remembered for being fun, casual, and memorable, this might be ideal for you.


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