7 Totally Legit Bridezilla Moments

7 Totally Legit Bridezilla Moments


When it comes to planning a wedding – stress, anxiety and emotional highs and lows can make you feel like you are turning into a Bridezilla.  You don’t want to let anyone know about your unreasonable wedding worries so you keep it to yourself, leading to more stress.  But are they so unreasonable? No! It is your wedding and everything should be running smoothly.  If it’s not running smoothly, you need to speak out!


Highs of excitement about getting married can soon turn into lows when things that you never thought even concerned you start to go wrong, like your venue not being able to supply a cake stand or being one table centrepiece short suddenly take over your life.


What if we missed someone off the seating plan?
You will have been through your guestlist and seating plan about 100 times now.  But you are still not convinced.  There’s still this nagging feeling you may have missed out a special friend or even an uninvited plus one will appear. Who even does that? There’s no seat for you!



What if I fall over?
This is a valid fear. Maybe check out the easiest route to and from the ceremony room before the big day especially if you are usually pretty clumsy and in heels.



What if my fat has redistributed and now my dress doesn’t fit?
Ok, so my #bridebody pics have been on snapchat and insta and everyone agrees I look great but what if my fat has been redistributed to other areas of my body without me realising? Scales are not accurate enough! Do I need a full body BMI test?


What if I start to cry uncontrollably?
Ok I admit I’m an ugly crier and if I lose my cool on my big day, it won’t make for great photos.  So try to remind yourself – through the medium of Kim Kardashian gifs – that crying means ruining your makeup.




What if I fall in the fountain?
Getting married in a venue with a gorgeous fountain? After you watch this vid it will be all you will ever think about.



What if I get sick?


What if no one dances?
What if you do your first dance, father/daughter dance and afterwards no one joins in. Do you keep dancing? All alone?



Share your totally legit Bridezilla fears below.

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