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Happy Talk Events Vanishes


Lots of Scottish brides and grooms have had their big day plunged into chaos after hiring Happy Talk Events, based in Glasgow city centre, to provide everything from decor to dancefloors and candy carts.


Many couples have been left hung to dry after rumours a Scottish wedding planning service have mysteriously vanished with all their cash.


Despite the company, owned by Michelle McMorris and her husband Alistair, taking cash bookings as recently as Saturday of last week, their shop mysteriously never reopened after the Bank Holiday and is still shut!  With rumours flying around many social media wedding groups, Happy Talk Events still failed to make an announcement.


Couples who had booked them were still in hope though that it was just some big misunderstanding – until it was confirmed that the company’s website and social media accounts disappeared from the face of the earth!


With employees thought to have been laid off in the last couple of weeks, it looks like they knew fine well when taking new bookings, they had no intention of honouring the bookings and even pushed for large cash deposits to be paid, with many brides being offered ‘to good to be true’ vouchers off their final bill if they managed to pay a large cash deposit.


With no representation from the company, it was left to employees to deal with the fall-out while being in the dark over their own futures.  Disgruntled couples and suppliers alike have flooded to the Howard Street shop to get answers, but their was no sign of life.


After visiting the owner’s house, we found out from neighbours that they have done a flit to Florida where the owner’s apparently own another store and then we also learned that signs of trouble were brewing after the company had failed to turn up to a wedding on Saturday after the couple had splashed out £950 on their services.


There is still no comment from the owners of Happy Talk Events.


If you have been affected or know someone who has, please let us know or try LBS Exclusive Events in the first instance to see if they can help you out.
Update: Lynn Glasgow, the store manager of Happy Talk Events is trying to contact brides to help out. Please remember she has been let down too and left without a job and is doing this on her own back. Best of luck girls!

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  • Julie Gibson

    I am one of the brides and my wedding is on the 18th June. Just over 2 weeks away and u have just found out that my ceiling lighting swags and backlights I paid for, the company has disappeared of the face of the earth.
    I can’t afford to pay another company now as I’ve had to pay all outstanding bills.
    My wedding venue will be ruined and I’m so upset. This is supposed to be the happiest day of my life.
    How can people do this there is enough stress organising a wedding without added stress.
    Hopefully the sun will shine in Loch Lomond instead

    • Graeme Roebuck

      Did you pay by credit card by any chance?

      • Julie Gibson

        No debit card.

        • Graeme Roebuck

          Dont suppose you booked 1st Dance (Chris matthews) for a dj? He’s offering to do the DJ part for free for anyone having to rebook wedding decor companies

          • Julie Gibson

            Thanks but I have a wedding band. It was ceiling canopy with lights and a backdrop with lights I ordered so that is what I need.

          • Graeme Roebuck

            You won’t get better than lbs events and stephen. Best of luck . Lynn Glasgow the manager of happy talk is trying to get in contact with people to sort it out

          • Julie Gibson

            Unless he can do it for free (which I doubt) I can’t afford it now. Lynn has said she will sort it for me. I only hope she does or my day is ruined

  • Graeme Roebuck

    Just try and pull off a minimalistic outdoor wedding instead. Let the scenery do the wow’ing. Try LBS Exclusive Events anyway and maybe Stephen Sunnocks (he is the man of many talents – you will find him on Facebook)

  • Julie Gibson

    Lynn Glasgow on Facebook who worked for them said she would still do it for nothing. I presume they left the shop with everything still in it.
    I can only hope she sticks to her word.
    Try and contact her she put a post up saying she would help.
    I hope so. I’m so devasted.
    Good luck.

    • Nic P Menace

      My fiancé has been in contact with her but haven’t heard anything further. I really hope so because I cannot afford to hire anyone else. I’m like you – feel sick and can’t stop crying. Gutted beyond believe. Good luck to you too x

      • Julie Gibson

        I can totally understand her distress. I feel sick to the bones. Lynn did get back to me. Please be patient as she is trying to sort what mess she has been left with. Not her fault and if she pulls off supplying my stuff for my wedding then she is the most amazing women. She is doing this off her own back. Considering she is left jobless and has to deal with what the mcmorris’s have left her with.
        They should deport them back to the uk and lock them both up for fraud.

        • Nic P Menace

          She is a hero if she gets you sorted. What a woman. I’ll keep fingers crossed. Well I can’t imagine they’ll get much work in the US now so hopefully the police can get to them!

  • Fiona Webb

    Here at Truly Scrumptious Do Weddings we will help any affected where we can.
    I do not understand how anyone can do this to people, especially for weddings.

  • Daniel Mcdade

    If we can help out with dancefloors backdrops ect please get in touch we are giving a discount to those affected bye it
    Our fb page is. Starlite led floor hire.

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