seating plan at kids table

Seating Plan: Sitting At The Dreaded Kid’s Table

Seating Plan: The Dreaded Kid’s Table


I work within the Scottish wedding industry, so you would think I had been to many weddings, but no.  The wedding I went to on Friday, was the first wedding I had attended in a while, the first since my little girl was born (apart from my own wedding).  And it was the seating plan that stung the most.


The realisation that you are now officially old and boring as you see your childless friends having fun, looking glamourous and finishing off their bottle of wine, you look around at your table. And see highchairs. Highchairs everywhere.


Pre-kids, every wedding is the same, you are free.  Free to have fun and make a prat out of yourself.  Everyone knows where they stand with wedding receptions.  You sit down.  You eat.  You drink.  You dance.  And wake up the next again morning a bit worse for wear, and find an embarrassing picture on Facebook of you.


With a kid, though, it’s different.  You suddenly become the odd one out.  People only talk to you about your kid.  You don’t exist at that wedding without your little one.  You are on a constant battle to keep your little one happy because they are hungry or tired, or because her bum made a noise and you want to check her nappy for poo.  You don’t want her making too much noise and ruin the wedding, yet you can’t enjoy it either.  The wine on your table remains unopened, because you are worried that someone will roll their eyes, tut and label you as a bad parent!


But in hindsight, it isn’t as bad as you first thought when you first seen the seating plan with your name at the dreaded kid’s table.  Because unlike every other wedding you’ve ever been to, you have actually got something in common with the people you’re sitting with.  You don’t have to worry about someone moaning about the lack of cycle lanes on roads or speak to anyone who starts a conversation with “The problem with Syria is……”.


I am now all in for sitting at the kiddies table.  They are a lot more fun.  I don’t know how I managed going to weddings before my little girl was born.


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