The Key Questions: What To Ask To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Suppliers

The Key Questions: What To Ask Wedding Suppliers To Ensure You Get What You Want


Make sure you get the most out of your wedding suppliers with these key questions.



The venue will probably take up your biggest chunk of your budget, so it is important you ask the right questions to get value for money.

  1. Is the venue available on your chosen date?
  2. How many guests can your venue accommodate?
  3. Price? Any price breaks for no. of guests?
  4. Does it have in-house caterers? Can you arrange your own catering? (Make sure you taste the menu!)
  5. Will there be other weddings taking place on the same day?
  6. Is there accommodation for guests? Is there a discount?
  7. Are you able to have a marquee/band/fireworks etc?
  8. Is a late bar available?
  9. Do they offer a drinks package?
  10. Do they allow you to bring your own drinks? Is there a corkage charge?

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Buying your dress can be a nerve – racking experience so it is important you know the questions to ask your dressmaker to ensure you get the dress you have always dreamed of.

  1. How many fittings do you need? And when?
  2. Do you need to wear your bridal lingerie and shoes for fittings?
  3. How much do alterations cost?
  4. Are matching accessories available?
  5. Payment plan?

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The Key Questions


Photographers can be expensive but they needn’t cost the world if you know what you want and you know what questions to ask.

  1. Do they also do videography?
  2. Can you view their previous work?
  3. Is their style of photography informal reportage or traditional and posed?
  4. How many pictures will they take?
  5. How long do they stay?
  6. Who will own the copyright of the pictures once they have been taken?
  7. Do they have previous experience at your chosen venue? If not, will they visit the venue beforehand to find the best places for photos?
  8. How do their fees work?
  9. Will they set up an online gallery?
  10. How long will it take for the delivery of your chosen album?

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Decorating your venue is probably one of the easier tasks of planning a wedding because you have probably already envisaged what they venue will look like from the moment you picked it.  So it is important you know the questions to ask your florist so you are both on the same page.

  1. Can you see examples of their work?
  2. How many other weddings is your florist doing on the same day?
  3. Can they suggest what flowers will be in season for your chosen date?
  4. Can they suggest what flowers will best suit your colour theme and style?
  5. Is there a maximum distance they will travel to dress your venue?
  6. How long do they need to set up?
  7. Payment plan?
  8. Can they suggest ways of cutting cost to keep within budget?

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The Key Questions

Cake Designer

Your wedding cake is much more than just an expensive pud but knowing what questions to ask your cake designer will ensure the cost doesn’t spiral.

  1. Can you see examples of their work?
  2. Can you choose from a selection of different cake fillings?
  3. Can you sample your cakes?
  4. Will they come to the venue on the day to assemble the cake?
  5. Payment plan?
  6. How many weddings will they be catering for on the same day?
  7. Do you need to order early for a fruit layer?

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the key questions


  1. Does your DJ offer a versatile playlist?
  2. Does your band play recorded music between sets?
  3. Can your band provide a demo CD?
  4. Do they need a room to get changed in before performing?
  5. How long do they need to set up?

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